Your sensitive emails
are secure with Zix.

Trusted Email Security

Email is how business gets done, and you can depend on Zix to protect your email and keep your business moving.

Our email data protection offers the industry’s easiest to use experience. So whether your employees are clicking send or accessing email on their mobile devices, they do so easily and securely with Zix.

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Easy Email Encryption

No hassle, no frustration, just email.

Security is much easier when it just works automatically. And that’s exactly what Zix Email Encryption offers your employees, customers and partners. By automatically encrypting and decrypting messages and attachments, secure email is as easy as regular email for both senders and recipients.

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BYOD Can Work for You

ZixOne fulfills the promises of BYOD.

Your Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program had the best of intentions. But what you ended up with are company concerns about mobile data security and liability and employee frustration with losses of convenience, control and privacy.

Leave the stresses behind and get back to the benefits of BYOD with ZixOne. Our approach gives you control of employee access to corporate email without allowing that data to reside on the device, keeping it secure and enabling employees to maintain control of their devices and their privacy.

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Prevent Common Email Mistakes with ZixQuarantine

Sometimes it’s too easy to click ‘send.’

Mistakes happen, and often they happen in email. Given the sheer volume of emails exchanged on a daily basis, your employees - even the most attentive ones - are going to accidentally send the wrong email.

Minimize that risk with ZixQuarantine and protect your company from the costs associated with a data breach, including fraud protection expenses, regulatory fines and potential civil lawsuits.


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Protect Email, Personal Data 
and Your Company

One in four U.S. banks and one in five U.S. hospitals use Zix Email Encryption. Learn how our innovative, easy to use solution gained the trust of your colleagues.

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Switching to Zix Just Got Better

50 percent or more off your first year when you switch to Zix Email Encryption by Feb. 28, 2017, from an eligible competing solution.

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