Better BYOD Security

No data on the device

You work hard to keep your network secure. Why allow company data to reside outside your secure network on countless mobile devices?

The better Bring Your Own Device approach is to enable access to your company data, enhancing productivity and employee convenience while giving you uncompromised control and security of your company’s data.


Meeting your secure mobility needs

With ZixOne, you control access to corporate email, calendar and contacts. If a mobile device is lost or stolen, you simply disable access, and your data is secure.

By implementing a no-data-on-the-device approach, you benefit from all the promises of BYOD. Your employees are happy with convenient access to work without losing control of their devices and their privacy. And your executives are happy, because you’ve improved productivity without jeopardizing company data or opening the company to liability risks.

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Security You Can Trust

A visible difference

If you rely on remote wiping, there’s no guarantee it worked. Powered off, airplane mode, a faraday bag, simple aluminum foil – all can disrupt your connection to the device and prevent you from protecting your data.

ZixOne not only protects your data by not allowing it on the mobile device but also offers you compliance reporting to verify your data is secure.

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An Unrivaled Employee Experience

Convenience leads to adoption

ZixOne helps you skip the usual employee complaints by delivering a user experience your employees already know and love.

ZixOne looks and feels the same as your employees’ typical email application. Employees can download ZixOne to any personal device and begin using it in less than a minute. No training and no learning curve means greater adoption.

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Employee Privacy and Control

Strengthen trust and compliance

By only controlling access to corporate email, your employees maintain control of their devices, data and privacy. Keeping their personal lives private, you strengthen trust with your employees while eliminating concerns about corporate liability associated with personal data access.


In addition, by relying on access control instead of remote wiping, your employees are more likely to report lost or stolen devices immediately without fear that their personal data will be deleted along with corporate data. Any reporting delays jeopardize the security of your data.

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ZixOne Administrative Controls

Quick access through an easy interface

ZixOne makes administration easy for you and your team. With a convenient view of all users and devices, you experience the control you need without any hassle.

If informed of a lost or stolen device, you can quickly shutoff access to that specific device but allow your employee to continue working from other personal devices, ensuring security without impacting your employee’s connection to the office.

ZixOne Reporting

Strengthened compliance

Your employees are going to lose their devices. When it happens, you can easily disable access and generate a report for your security or compliance officer, confirming ZixOne was not used outside your employee’s possession.

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Deploying ZixOne

Mobile security in less than an hour

To deploy ZixOne, you simply connect your corporate email server to the ZixOne server through Exchange Web Services. Employees then provision themselves by downloading the ZixOne app from any device and using their existing email credentials to create a passcode. You’ll be up and running in less than an hour, and your employees will be able to interact with their email seamlessly.

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It's Time For Better BYOD

A New Way Of Thinking About BYOD

The BYOD Solution That Meets Both Corporate and Employee Needs

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