Email Encryption
& Email Data Loss Prevention

Simplified Security Increases Adoption

Outdated encryption and complicated DLP solutions make email difficult and ultimately don’t get used. It’s true. Your employees are working around the hassles - aka your security measures - and skipping the frustration to simply get their work done.

There’s a better way. Zix Email Encryption and ZixQuarantine make email safer and security easier. The result is increased adoption by your employees, fewer complaints to your IT department and better protection for your data and your company.


The Industry’s Leading Email Encryption Solution

Automatic encryption. Automatic decryption. We know it as transparent delivery. All you need to know is that it works without any effort from you, your employees and your recipients.

Zix Email Encryption is a “set it and forget it” solution. Zix Email Encryption does everything for you, from key management, to scanning and encryption, to secure delivery in easiest manner possible for your recipients. Our ease of use is how we’ll earn your trust, and our investment and innovation is how we continue to keep the trust of our customers.

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Prevent Email Data Loss

Email encryption protects messages and attachments as they leave your network, but some emails shouldn’t leave your network, period.

As easy as it is to click ‘send,’ it’s no surprise when proprietary data goes to the wrong recipient or when customer data is mistakenly attached to a mass email distribution. These are common mistakes. They happen often, and they are made by even your most attentive employees.

Protect your employees, your data and your company with a simple email DLP solution.

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Switching to Zix Just Got Better

50 percent or more off your first year when you switch to Zix Email Encryption by Feb. 28, 2017, from an eligible competing solution.

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