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Make everyone happy with Zix Email Encryption

Your recipients are customers, prospects, and business partners. While protecting their data is one of your top priorities, they won't see the value in email encryption if it interferes with easy communication. Likewise, your executives won't support a solution that interferes with business.

With the industry's easiest experience for recipients, Zix Email Encryption will make your life easier by keeping communication open and business flowing.

Transparent Email Encryption

No passwords, no extra steps

What’s easier than opening an email? Why can’t opening an encrypted email be just as easy? It is with ZixGateway.

When your employees exchange secure messages, recipients who also use ZixGateway open and reply as usual. No passwords. No extra steps.

We know what you’re thinking: how often does that really happen? Of the 1,000,000 emails Zix encrypts every business day, on average 75 percent are sent transparently. As more businesses use Zix, even more encrypted emails will be exchanged without passwords and extra steps.


Secure email to anyone on any device

For your recipients who do not have email encryption capabilities, Zix offers a custom, mobile-friendly secure Web portal. ZixPort is a “pull” method that sends a notification email to your recipients. Within the message is a link that “pulls” recipients to your secure portal where they can read, reply and reply-all to encrypted messages.

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ZixPort Advantages


Quick and easy

To start receiving encrypted messages through ZixPort, your users go through a one-time registration process. Registration is quick and easy from a desktop or mobile device. There is no client software to install or maintain, making email encryption easy for any of your recipients.

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Mobile Experience

Optimized for any device

Your recipients are on the go, and easy mobile access to encrypted email is critical to ensuring communication moves with them.

Designed for mobile devices, ZixPort offers a seamless experience as your recipients navigate from their desktops, to their tablets, to their smartphones. For maximum convenience, ZixPort also enables access with a simple ‘click,’ eliminating cumbersome steps and frustration that stifles other email encryption solutions.

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Secure Compose

Initiate a new, inbound encrypted email

Give your customers and partners the power to initiate encrypted emails to your company with Secure Compose.

A feature of ZixPort, Secure Compose showcases how much your company values the privacy of customers and partners and the extra steps you take to ensure their sensitive information is secured.

Secure Compose is easy to use without training and does not require any software installation.

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Superior TLS

Unrivaled features and visibility

Conventional TLS options are tough to choose from. Opportunistic TLS is risky, and Mandatory TLS is costly and time-consuming. Zix has created a better option.

Superior TLS enables you to integrate TLS directly into ZixGateway. By incorporating TLS as a delivery method within your policy controls, you benefit from simplified set-up of Mandatory TLS with the simple check of a box. You also gain increased delivery control using TLS only where appropriate, the industry’s only TLS reporting capabilities and unique "Secured by ZixCorp" branding for added recipient confidence.

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Encrypted email right to the inbox

ZixDirect is another convenient option for recipients who do not have email encryption capabilities. A “push” method, ZixDirect sends the encrypted message directly to your recipient's inbox as an HTML attachment within a plaintext email. To open the encrypted email, the user simply clicks on the attachment and enters a password to decrypt the message in a local Internet browser.

Messages are stored encrypted, and the user can open, read, reply and reply-all anytime. There is no pre-registration, and no client software to install or maintain. It’s that easy.

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Switching to Zix Just Got Better

50 percent or more off your first year when you switch to Zix Email Encryption by Feb. 28, 2017, from an eligible competing solution.

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