Easy Email Encryption for Everyone

Zix Email Encryption protects companies of all sizes and industries. Our solution scales easily, so no matter if your company has 10 or 10 million employees, you will benefit from our innovative, easy to use solution. To get started, you’ll need to choose a sender technology: ZixGateway or ZixMail.


Ideal for organizations of any size

ZixGateway is the industry’s most trusted solution for email encryption. Your employees simply click ‘send.’ ZixGateway does the rest.

Using proven policy filters, your emails and attachments are scanned automatically, removing extra work for your employees and eliminating your stress about sensitive data going unprotected. If your emails contain sensitive information, they are encrypted and delivered to your recipients in the most secure, easiest method possible, including our unrivaled transparent delivery.

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ZixGateway Advantages



No passwords, no extra steps

Zix Email Encryption offers the industry's only fully transparent delivery of encrypted email. With transparent email encryption, your users send and receive secure email as they would conventional email. No extra steps or passwords are required, and workflow is not interrupted. We manage the complexity, so it's transparent to both your senders and recipients.

How transparent will your encrypted email be? On a typical business day, Zix encrypts around 1,000,000 messages for our customers. On average, 75 percent of these encrypted messages are sent transparently without any extra steps or passwords.

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Zix Encryption Network

Encrypt ALL emails with absolutely no user impact

When you become a ZixGateway customer, we enroll you as a member of the Zix Encryption Network. 100 percent of emails between you and thousands of other members are automatically encrypted, providing you with added security that your email data is protected. You experience peace of mind, and your employees and recipients feel no impact, because all messages are exchanged transparently.

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Best Method of Delivery

The industry’s most robust recipient experience

Upon encrypting an email, Zix’s Best Method of Delivery recognizes your recipient’s email encryption capability and automatically delivers the secure message in the easiest manner possible.

If your recipient is a ZixGateway user, the encrypted email is delivered transparently. If not, the email can be delivered via ZixMail, TLS, pull method or push technology. With robust delivery methods, you can be confident the experience is easy and replies are secure. In fact, Zix offers the industry’s only solution that guarantees secure replies.

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Your key to the world’s largest email encryption community

ZixDirectory is a global email encryption community with tens of millions of members. What does that mean for you? By connecting you and our other customers in one community, Zix Email Encryption automatically recognizes what delivery method is most convenient for your employees, customers and partners.

Approximately 110,000 members are added to ZixDirectory every week. With such a large and growing community, it’s likely a number of your clients and partners are already members and taking advantage of the industry’s easiest email encryption.

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Convenience from deployment to reporting

Do you want an in-depth experience or a hands-off approach? Whatever your style, our administrative controls provide exactly what you and your team need.

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Email Encryption in the Cloud

Quick and seamless integration

Do you use a hosted email service? Are you thinking about a migration? Zix Email Encryption meets your hosted needs by integrating seamlessly with cloud email services. Deployed in less than a day, Zix Email Encryption is also designed to accommodate a hybrid solution of cloud outsourcing and on-premises email services, maintaining convenient integration and deployment no matter what email encryption solution you need.

Zix Email Encryption for Office 365

Stronger Security and a Better User Experience

Integrating your Office 365 environment with ZixGateway combines the benefits of your cloud hosted email with Zix’s leading, easy to use email encryption. Leveraging Microsoft’s Outbound Smarthost Connector, your messages are routed to ZixGateway for automatic scanning of outbound email. If sensitive information is detected, ZixGateway automatically encrypts your emails and attachments.

By adding ZixGateway to Office 365, you eliminate extra work for your employees and remove frustration for your recipients with delivery of secure emails in the easiest, mobile-friendly method possible. To learn more, click here.

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Zix Email Encryption for Google Apps

Exclusive email encryption partner of Google

At the request of Google, Zix designed Google Apps Message Encryption (GAME). An on-demand secure email service for Apps users, GAME enables you to securely and easily communicate with business partners and customers outside Google’s secure cloud.

If your business uses Google Apps and has less than 35 users, ZME for Apps is specifically designed to enable your employees to exchange email securely to anyone, anywhere on any device. To learn more, click here.

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Ideal for individuals and businesses with 10 users or less

Installed on your desktop, ZixMail provides end-to-end encryption to protect emails and attachments with a single click. With ZixMail, you enjoy automated key management and leverage the ZixDirectory and Best Method of Delivery to exchange secure email with anyone, anywhere on any device.

ZixMail integrates with your on-site or Web-based email, and encrypted messages are delivered using your existing email address. Optional plug-ins are also available to you for full integration with Microsoft Outlook.

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Switching to Zix Just Got Better

50 percent or more off your first year when you switch to Zix Email Encryption by Feb. 28, 2017, from an eligible competing solution.

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