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What makes our email encryption the leading solution in the industry?

  • Transparent email encryption

  • Most efficient delivery and best user experience on any device

  • Superior management and support for TLS

Looking for a quick comparison? Check out the facts.

Transparent inbox-to-inbox encryption and decryption, automatically securing emails.
Established network of more than 12,000 companies, enabling members to exchange secure email transparently.
Automatic decryption of inbound messages.
Easy, user-friendly view of secure messages on mobile devices.
Simple registration process.
The industry’s greatest variety of delivery methods to create best-possible send/ receive experience.
TLS management within encryption policies, with secure fallback/failover, not just opportunistic TLS.
Email security banner reminding senders and recipients that the email and/or attachments are sensitive and should be protected.
Customizable TLS blacklist of ISP domains.
Comprehensive reporting dashboard including which messages have been delivered via TLS.
Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.
Can be deployed in less than a day.
Branded, customized portal option.
Single sign-on and dual authentication available for portal passwords.
Support for large attachments (up to 50mb).
Infrastructure that is SOC3 certified, SOC2 accredited and PCI DSS 3.1 certified.
Integration of email encryption with complementary BYOD solution.

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14,500+ customers trust Zix. The leaders in healthcare, finance and government rely on Zix Email Encryption Services to secure their customer data and company reputation, and protect their most valuable relationships with customers and partners. Meet a few of our customers here.

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Zix Encryption Network

No portals. No passwords. Join the network. Encrypt every email.

Transparency. With high-profile security breaches happening more often, it begs the question: Why not encrypt every email? The simple answer is that it’s really hard. But what if you could have simplicity and make every single email secure?  Now you can. All it takes is being part of the Zix Encryption Network.

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Beyond the network...it’s likely your clients and partners are already a part of our secure email community and taking advantage of the industry’s easiest email encryption. Who are you already emailing within the Zix network? Contact us to learn more.

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The Risks of Email and the Rewards of Innovative Encryption [PDF]

Learn how you can protect your email data in our eBook.

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Secure in Transmission and Secure Behind the Network [PDF]

A Review of Email Encryption Methods and How They Can Meet Your Company’s Needs

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